IMAGE 2013

Chair: Art Banman, VDC

Dual view tandem simulator prototype
Gordon Harris, Christie Digital Systems USA

Current developments in fold mirrors
Justin Knaplund, FlightSafety

Towards an objective and affordable metric of display system resolution
Charles Lloyd, Visual Performance LLC

Absolute accuracy in automated alignment systems: a 3D solution to a 3D problem
Richard Pray, RPA Electronic Solutions, Inc.

High performance mirrors for high definition systems
Harry Streid, Boeing Training Systems Visual IPT

Computational visualization: creating realism without dropping frames!
Doug Traill, Nvidia

Chair: Robert Clodfelter, Barco

Contrast improvement technologies for LCoS projectors
Peter De Meerleer, Barco NV

World's largest collimated display - on motion!
Justin Knaplund, FlightSafety

Projection system designed for night vision simulations
Oyvind Svensen, Barco

Choosing your Poison: Optimizing Simulator Visual System Selection as a Function of Operational Tasks
Barbara Sweet, NASA Ames Research Center

Chair: Jay Bollinger, Ball Aerospace & Technologies (ctr. to Warfighter Readiness Division, AFRL)

Real-time visual-to-infrared image generation
Uri Bernstein, Technology Service Corporation

New visual requirements for naval bridge and ship-handling simulators
Serge Cote , Directorate of Maritime Ship Systems, Department of National Defence, Canada

Correlated weather in CAF DMO
Vincent Irizarry, Warfighter Readiness Research Division of the Air Force Research Laboratory

Rationalizing source data: tailoring geospatial data for advanced distributed simulation
David Mckeown, TerraSim

From game worlds to "serious" game worlds: geo referencing game engine data, there and back again
Jorge L. Rosado Ortiz, Ball Aerospace & Technologies (ctr. to Warfighter Readiness Division, AFRL)

COTS Image Generation Immersive Systems: Design, Acceptance & Production: A Tough Experience
William Paone, Boeing

Chair: Wade Allen, Systems Technology, Inc.

Cracking the code: converting roadway design models for driving simulation
Shawn Allen, National Advanced Driving Simulator - University of Iowa

A graphics system for low cost driving simulation
John Grant, Technology Systems

Enabling dynamics during environmental generation to support correlated simulations
Daniel Hershey, TerraSim

Leveraging multi-core processors for run-time scene generation
Tim Woodard, Diamond Visionics

Chair: Frank Cardullo, State University of New York

Relating standardized visual perception measures to simulator visual system performance
Mary K. Kaiser, NASA Ames Research Center

Vection: what is it & can a simulator visual system induce the phenomenon?
Frank Cardullo, State University of New York-Binghamton

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