IMAGE 2016

Chair: Harry Streid
Technical Fellow
Boeing Training Systems Visual IPT

Advancements in single projector immersive displays for
compact performing transportable simulators

DeMeerleer, Peter - Esterline Simulation Visual Systems
[Abstract & Bio]

Tipping Point: Utilization & Utility of High Frame Rate Projection
in FAA Level D Flight Simulation

Emig, David - FlightSafety International
[Abstract & Bio]

Compact Illumination optical system and High-definition
Lens-unit for Real-4K LCOS projector

Ichimura, Junya - Canon Inc.
[Abstract & Bio]

Multi-channel systems, how to reach the ideal blend with
the next generation optical blending technology

Jahan, Timothé – Esterline Simulation Visual Systems
[Abstract & Bio]

Enhanced Contrast Collimated Displays
Knaplund, Justin – FlightSafety International
[Abstract & Bio]

High Dynamic Range displays and how they might apply to simulation
Sterling, Rod - JVC Technology Center
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair: Bill Paone
Technical Lead Engineer: Image Generation Systems
The Boeing Company: High Fidelity Simulations

A Review of the CDB Experience
Bicket, Daniel #1 - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

Virtual Reality Training Solutions – Moving Beyond the Hype?
Burwell, John #1- Bohemia Interactive Simulations Group
[Abstract & Bio]

Techniques for Successful Sensor Band Imagery Validation
& Verification Against Field Data

Fink, Christopher - JRM Technologies
[Abstract & Bio]

Integration of Sensor Video in High Fidelity Simulation
using Network Video Streams

Gieske, Mark - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

Importing NPSI Data: Using Reprogrammable Converters
To Greet the age of Standardization

Vacek, Brian - FlightSafety International
[Abstract & Bio]

Deferring Commitment For Scene Content Generation
Woodard, Tim - Diamond Visionics
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair: Omar Ahmad
Director of Operations
National Advanced Driving Simulator - University of Iowa

Measuring the Latency of the NADS-1 Driving Simulator
Ahmad, Omar - The National Advanced Driving Simulator, University of Iowa
[Abstract & Bio]

Visual/Motion Cue Integration:
An evolutionary view from flight to ground vehicle simulation

(Special Presentation)
Cardullo, Frank - Binghamton University
[Abstract & Bio]

Automated Driving in Driving Simulation
Heitbrink, David - The National Advanced Driving Simulator, University of Iowa
[Abstract & Bio]

Visual Application within Academic Aero Engineering Teaching & Research
with optional tour & demonstration
of the University of Dayton Flight Simulator at the Kettering Labs.
Neal, Christopher - Merlin Products Limited, Merlin Flight Simulation Group
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair: Jeremy Joseph
Senior Technologist
NES Associates

Issues with Airfield Model Re-Use from Government Repositories
in Training Systems containing Muliple and Varied Renderers

Bicket, Daniel #2 - The Boeing Company
Presented by: Brian Cunningham, The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

Imagery vs. Procedural Geometry – Back to the Future?
Burwell #2- Bohemia Interactive Simulations
[Abstract & Bio]

Is there a difference between GIS Data and
the Data We Use in Simulation?

Bicket, Daniel #3 - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

CDB 3.2 - An enhanced data model for increased image quality
Piche, Patrick - CAE
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair: Logan Williams, Ph.D.
Senior Research Engineer
USAF School of Aerospace Medicine (SAM)

Psychometric Assessment of Stereoscopic Helmet Mounted Displays
Williams, Logan #1 - USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
[Abstract & Bio]

Perceptual Performance Impact of Gpu-Based Warp & Anti-Aliasing
for Image Generators

Williams, Logan #2 - USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
Presented by: Co-Author Charles Bullock, USAF SAM
[Abstract & Bio]

Pixelwise Inter/Intra Channel Color & Luminance Uniformity
Corrections for Multi-Channel Projection Displays

Williams, Logan #3 - USAF School of Aerospace Medicine,
Presented by: Co-Author Jim Gaska, USAF SAM
[Abstract & Bio]

Investigating the Importance of Stereo Displays for
for Helicopter Landing Simulation

Winterbottom, Marc - USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
[Abstract & Bio]

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