IMAGE 2017

Chair: Harry Streid
Technical Fellow
Boeing Training Systems Visual IPT

Unique driving techniques for high image quality REAL-4K LCOS panel
Abe, Masayuki - Canon, Inc.
[Abstract & Bio]

Projection Lens Contrast Modeling for High Dynamic Range Projectors
Hudyma, Russ - Navitar
[Abstract & Bio]

HMD Challenges - Keeping Pace with Technology in the World of Training
Kovaluk, Randall - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

Benefits of using a very high contrast projector
in simulation applications

Krause, Axel - Carl Zeiss AG
[Abstract & Bio]

Projecting 3D-Stereo Imagery in a Fixed-Base Driving Simulator
Schmieder, Hannsjoerg - Daimler AG
[Abstract & Bio]

Electronic Holographic Stereography for True 3D Displays
with Horizontal Parallax and Matched Vergence/Accomodation

Thomas, C.E. - 3rd Dimension Technologies
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair:Rod Sterling
Chief Engineer

Usefulness of half pixel shifting technologies on projectors in simulation
De Meerleer, Peter - Esterline Simulation Visual Systems
[Abstract & Bio]

Optimal Resolution Improvement for FAA Helicopter Training
Emig, David - FlightSafety International
[Abstract & Bio]

Benefits and Considerations of VR/AR applied to Task Training
Hoffmeister, Kurt - Mechdyne Corporation
[Abstract & Bio]

Practical Advantages of a Universal Geometry Measurement Method
Lloyd, Charles - Visual Performance LLC
[Abstract & Bio]

Dynamic Laser Light Source Control by Video Frame & Image Generation method
for High Dynamic Range Imagery

Okamoto, Naoya - JVCKENWOOD
[Abstract & Bio]

Next Generation Ultra High Resolution D-ILA (LCOS) Projectors
Sterling, Rod - JVCKENWOOD
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair: Bill Paone
Technical Lead Engineer: Image Generation Systems
The Boeing Company: High Fidelity Simulations

Geospecific Urban Models Bring Accuracy to Mission Rehearsal Training Systems
Chan,Ellery - PLW Modelworks
[Abstract & Bio]

Implementing an EO/IR Tracking Sensor Using CIGI
Gieske, Mark - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

Image Generator Graph
Jolley, Tom - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

GPU Consolidation for Image Generation
Woodard, Tim - Nvidia Pro-Viz Group
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair: Patrick Piche
Principal Technical Specialist, Visual Systems

Flythrough: An approach to comprehensive database testing
Bicket, Daniel - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

Alternative Deployment Techniques for OGC CDB
Freeman, Jay - CAE USA
[Abstract & Bio]

RIEDP-A SISO Standard for Environment Sharing
Gougeat, Jean-Louis- Sogitec Industries
[Abstract & Bio]

Database Design Factors for a Server-Based Whole-Earth Rendering Engine
Harvey, Wilson - TerraSim Inc.
[Abstract & Bio]

Follow-up to A Review of the CDB Experience IMAGE 2016 Paper
Lacy, Richard - The Boeing Company
[Abstract & Bio]

Demonstrating a Weather Simulation Federate for Distributed Mission Operations
Pfeiffer, Karl D. - Atmospheric and Environmental Research
[Abstract & Bio]

Chair: Logan Williams, Ph.D.
Senior Research Engineer
USAF School of Aerospace Medicine (SAM)

Integration of Automated Object Detection & Tracking System
in Full Motion Flight Simulation System

Aspiras, Theus - University of Dayton Vision Lab
[Abstract & Bio]

Time Perception Manipulation in Virtual Reality:
Prospects and Implications of Combining Causality Violations
with Body Ownership Illusions

Billock, Vincent - Ohio State University College of Optometry
[Abstract & Bio]

Stereo flight symbology for binocular see-through head mounted displays
Browne, Michael P. - SA Photonics
[Abstract & Bio]

Use of a live, virtual, constructive simulation approach to evaluate visual symbology
on a helmet-mounted display for spatial disorientation mitigation

Geiselman, Eric A. - U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
[Abstract & Bio]

Simulation of Automotive Headlights for Human Factors Research
Heitbrink, David - The National Advanced Driving Simulator, University of Iowa
[Abstract & Bio]

Effects Of Retinal Eccentricity on Human Manual Control Behavior
Popovici, Alexandru - NASA Ames Research Center
[Abstract & Bio]

Efffects of HMD Backlight Bleed-Through in Low-Light Augmented Reality Applications
Williams, Logan - USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
[Abstract & Bio]

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