Session Chair

Peter De Meerleer

Vice President Strategic Marketing and R&D
TREALITY Simulation Visual Systems


Peter De Meerleer is the Vice President Strategic Marketing and R&D for TREALITY Simulation Visual Systems.

Peter started his career in 1994 developing projector products for multiple applications. Since 2005, Peter has been involved in the development of Simulation Visuals Systems.

Peter has held various lead positions in R&D, Product Management and Strategic Marketing in multiple companies and from 2015 into 2019 with the Esterline Company, and now with TREALITY SVS where he today manages both the strategic marketing activities for TREALITY branded simulation products and the R&D group of TREALITY Simulation Visual Systems. He has published a multitude of scientific papers and holds several patents on visual systems and projector technology.

Peter has a Master of Science in Physics Engineering at the University of Ghent in Belgium and he holds the chair of the Display Systems paper session for the IMAGE Conference.


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