Session Chair

Logan A. Williams, Ph.D.

Senior Research Engineer
Aeromedical Research Division
USAF School of Aerospace Medicine
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

Tel: (937) 255-0312

The purpose of this Session is to report on aspects of human vision science as it pertains to the specification, design, testing or use of human in the control loop simulators. These include but are not limited to human visual system physiology, sensation, perception, illusions, limitations and behavior. In the past most vision science research was conducted for the purpose of developing the body of knowledge rather than directed towards applications in virtual environments. This Session aims to target the extant research and expand the body of knowledge in the aforementioned. Everyone with an interest in these issues is welcome to join in and participate.

If you have something to contribute to this community, or if you just want to learn more about it, just drop an email to the Session Chair at the above listed address including "IMAGE 2017" in the Subject Line of the email so that it will receive immediate attention.

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