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Tim Woodard

Sr. Solutions Architect
Federal Pro Viz

Tim Woodard is a Senior Solutions Architect with NVIDIA's Professional Visualization group, working with Federal integrators and customers to get the most out of NVIDIA's professional visualization solutions.  This includes Quadro, virtual and augmented reality, advanced rendering, GRID, and deep learning for MS&T.

Tim has over 20 years of experience designing and developing software architectures for real-time simulation visual systems including medical, driving, and flight.  Tim loves to talk about modern OpenGL techniques, advanced C++, and Agile development processes.  He is a certified Deep Learning Institute (DLI) instructor, serves on the I/ITSEC Emerging Concepts and Innovative Technologies subcommittee, has received patents for run-time simulator database generation technology, and has published and presented papers at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference, I/ITSEC, IMAGE, ASQ, and ITEC.

 Tim lives in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife and two boys who are both attending local colleges.  He is also a mediocre guitar player, amateur painter, and an avid home brewer.


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