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February 2018

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Air Transport & Tankers

Whether it's a C-17 aircrew in position for take-off to transport personnel and equipment abroad or a KC-46A preparing to transfer fuel to a receiver aircraft you can count on one thing; the flight crews will be trained in a FlightSafety International Weapon Systems Trainer (WST) incorporating a VITAL visual system. FlightSafety produced all of the U.S. Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force C-17 WSTs and is building the complete Aircrew Training System including the WSTs and Boom Operator Trainers (BOT) for the USAF KC-46A Tanker Program. With 5 times the processing power of its predecessor VITAL 1100 produces content approaching real-world visual cues in training exercises. The enormous detail is enhanced through physics-based rendering for realistic animations and atmospheric effects. Replicating the aircraft systems the KC-46 BOT visual utilizes 3D virtual images to display the boom and receiving aircraft during air refueling. The VITAL 1100 generates the highly accurate 3D images required for this critical operation. FlightSafety is proud to serve our military services with high fidelity training devices and the visual system technology needed to always be the most highly trained warfighters on the earth.

For more information contact:

Dan Myers
Director of Marketing
FlightSafety International - Visual Systems
5695 Campus Parkway
St. Louis, MO 63042
Tel: 314-551-8502
Fax: 314-551-8444
Web Site:

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