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Featured IMAGE Coast Guard Rescue

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Bohemia Interactive Simulations
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Bohemia Interactive Simulations is a global training and simulation software company for defense and civilian organizations.


Coast Guard Rescue 


The image shows a scene from Bohemia Interactive Simulations\' Blue IG and VBS4. VBS4 uniquely combines an interoperable simulation host, first-person interactive experience, and IG-grade visualization shared with Bohemia\'s dedicated Blue IG image generator. The scenario generator function of VBS4 enables users to rapidly generate scenes with modifications to terrain cultural features, dynamic weather effects including volumetric clouds and cloud shadowing, integration of both locally simulated objects and externally controlled objects, and VR-grade 3D art assets. This scene shows a US Coast Guard combined search and rescue exercise with a interactive simulated motor lifeboat and helicopter, with a winter seasonal snow and vegetation overlay on a single multi-seasonal terrain database. Users are able to seamlessly transition from airborne to surface to sub-surface activities, using the role-specific display systems including domes, VR/AR, and desktops.   

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Scott Hooper
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