January 2020

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FlightSafety's VITAL 1150 Kicks Off 2nd Half-Century

Since the VITAL I prototype in 1969 and then followed by the VITAL II, which became the first ever FAA approved computer-generated visual system in 1972, the VITAL series of Image Generators have exponentially evolved in scene content and feature set.  As FlightSafety enters its 6th decade of developing and producing visual systems for international commercial and military customers, the company's latest IG, the VITAL 1150, continues the long history of success for the VITAL product line. 
FlightSafety's VITAL 1150 database generation system (DBGS) combines FlightSafety developed tools as well as various commercially available products to produce training environments that are carefully designed to match important and critical visual cues with training requirements.  Today these toolsets allow database designers to incorporate high resolution detail, texture and animations. 
The VITAL 1150 also drives the best high resolution and high frame rate projectors used in flight simulators today.  Most VITAL 1150 systems being delivered provide a 120Hz display capability.  The higher frame rate provides exceptional dynamic resolution and is especially well received in applications where high rates of position and attitude change can occur such as yaw rates in fast jet and rotary wing applications. 
FlightSafety looks forward to its next half century of providing exceptional visual systems to the world of simulation.  
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