IMAGE 2015
7-8 July 2015

Dayton, Ohio

The Premier Conference in Visual Simulation since 1977

University of Dayton - River Campus
University of Dayton - River Campus

The IMAGE Society

Mr. David Janke
Honorary Conference Chairman
& Master of Ceremonies

38th Anniversary of the 1st IMAGE Conference

(Conference Information will be posted as it becomes available.)

                                 IMAGE 2015 REPORT

                                 WELCOME to IMAGE 2015
                                        IMAGE Society's Welcome
                                        Esterline's Prime Host Welcome (Mr. Dave Janke)

                                 RECEPTION - RSVP - "click here" for details & to RSVP.
                                        * 6-9pm Tuesday, 7 July @ Esterline Demo Center, Xenia, Ohio
                                        * Transportation to/from UD River Campus provided by Esterline
                                        * Food & Beverage courtesy of Esterline

                                 LOCATION: University of Dayton - River Campus (posted 8 Aug 2014)
                                        * Directions
                                        * Nearby Hotels & Restaurants
                                        * Campus Rules (parking, smoking, etc)       

                                 REGISTRATION (Individual Attendees) - OPEN as of 27 APRIL

                                 EXHIBITOR Greet & Meet Package Info & Registration - *** SOLD OUT ***

                                 KEYNOTE ADDRESS
                                        Acquiring Simulators in the Cybersecurity Age
                                        Mr. Anthony DalSasso
                                        Chief Engineer - Simulators Division
                                        Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio       

                                 PRESENTERS INSTRUCTIONS

                                 PAPERS LIST (with Abstracts & Bios)

                                 PAPER SESSIONS
                                        Display Systems
                                        Environment Modeling
                                        Ground Vehicles & Forces
                                        Image Generation Technologies
                                        Vision Science

                                 AUTHORS INFORMATION
                                        PAPER PROPOSAL FORM
                                        TEMPLATES with Instructions for Preparation of Paper
                                        CC FORM (Certification & Copyright License Form)
                                        PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS
                                        A/V EQUIPMENT provided for Presentation

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